Business Transactions

The Davidson Sheen Law Firm understands that transactions are the essence of every business.

That’s why our attorneys are well versed in the field of business transactional law. Our team can craft and negotiate documents, assist (when necessary) with satisfying contract requirements, facilitate and participate in closings. Our business transactions law experience and expertise protects you and your business from unexpected and unreasonable exposure to liability and risk.

Our Business Transaction Team is capable of handling nearly every kind of transaction that your business might encounter or contemplate. The following is a representative list of transactions in which our attorneys at law are highly experienced:

  • Business Entity Formations (LLC’s, partnerships, corporations, and professional entities of all types, for profit and not for profit)
  • Business Entity/Owner Changes and Disputes
  • Corporate and Partnership Internal Transactions (including ownership changes, entity conversion, buy-sell agreements among owners, succession planning)
  • External Business Transactions – including mergers and acquisitions (both stock/ownership and asset purchase and sale transactions)
  • Finance Transactions (corporate counsel for many debt and equity finance transactions for small and mid-sized businesses, including serving as counsel on many corporate finance and real estate transactions).